October 31 Challenge!: Halloween Goals

Today’s challenge is going to be two fold since it is the end of the month and it is also Halloween!

First off challenge yourself to get involved in Halloween somehow and see how much fun you can have in your life! Halloween is just a fun holiday, although it is meant to be scary it is really just something to be enjoyed so don’t exclude yourself from the good times! Try starting a new tradition of something that you may not have ever done before or tried before! See what you can do to really enjoy the day. Carve a pumpkin if you’ve never done it, get some candy, put on a costume and enjoy your time with friends, family and strangers!

As far as the next part of the challenge take some time during the day (maybe before your Halloween celebrations) you can reflect on your goals for the year so far and look forward to the rest of the year! There are only two months left so make sure you’re making the most of what you can be doing and start looking towards what you could do to better your 2020 and what things might need to be accomplished before the end of the year!

So have a happy and a haunted Halloween! Then also enjoy the fact that you’ve accomplished so much this year and take advantage of the rest of the year!

Enjoy the day!!!! 🧟🧙‍♂️🧙🧙‍♀️

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Twitter: @dailydochx

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